Friday, June 25, 2010

Forecasting the weather - June - 10

I came across a little book recently - Signpost to the weather by D&K Barlett. First published in 1949, I have extracted their forecasts for each month of the year. I hope you will enjoy their weather theories over the next few months –

The Month of June according to D&K Barlett with BASS indications by Jim Hendrick

This, normally, is the sunniest and one of best weather months of the year. Early heat waves often occur, particularly towards and during the latter half of the month. These, combined with the longer days, make it one of the most beneficial holiday months.

There may be occasional slight ground frost inland, but seldom if ever along the southern coasts. Some coastal fog may occur at times

The sea remains rather cool, warming towards the end of the month.

There may be frequent thunderstorms towards the end of the month. Sometimes there is one changeable period of a few days near the second week.

The Weeks of June

1st to 7th - Usually some bright sunny days, and occasional thunder. There are cool nights at times.

8th to 15th The weather is fairly settled, with increasing temperatures, but can feel cool in stronger breezes. Sometimes a changeable period occurs in this week.

16th – 23rd A good and fairly warm spell

24th to 30th There are sunny days with frequent thunderstorms.

Bass Fishing; The bass fishing season opens on the 16th of June and conditions should be nearly perfect now for their capture. Over the month of the close sea temperatures have slowly risen and light levels are at their highest. It’s often possible to fish three tides in some degree of light. Be ready and expect to catch fish consistently for the first time since September or October.

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