Bass fisherman - Saltwater Fly or Lure - One-day workshops

For those starting lure or fly fishing in saltwater there are often many skills to learn and numerous equipment requirements and choices to be made. This can prove daunting to the beginner or even the experienced fishermen. With more than 30 years of bass fishing experience and working at my tenth year as a bass fishing guide my saltwater lure & fly fishing workshops are designed not only to help you fully understand the equipment, but also to help you learn about casting, advanced lure fishing techniques, and why it is important to understand various species their habitats, influences and life cycles.

You will also learn how and where to purchase and use the best equipment. Having completed the courses you will have a comprehensive understanding of this intriguing and fast developing aspect of saltwater fishing, each customer is provided with over one hundred pages of notes and continued e-mail support - plus I bet too we can have some fun along the way as we spend as much time as possible with practical application on the water.

Options - are fully bespoke to your requirements and an overnight stay is not neccessary

Optional One night stay with B+B 100 metres from SEAi - HERE
Tea/Coffee and light refreshments during your day
Saltwater Fly or Lure Fishing Workshop
Lunch at The Yard Restaurant

Total Fee €205.00 per person – group rate available on request – 3 people maximum.

Summary details ONE-DAY WORKSHOP Sample
Session One at the SEAi Centre – 3hrs morning

Bass - a species overview

· Season
· Breeding
· Timings
· Feeding patterns
· History of, in Ireland
· General behaviour in locations like estuaries, rocky shores, open beaches
· Discover how to read tides properly and the effects they have on our fishing
· Understanding the finer points of weather influences on the Wexford coast
· Winds
· Rain and its effects
· Air temperature
· Water temperature
· Discovering and understanding location development and bass patterns
Lure fishing gear

· Rod types and their different application
· Suitable reels
· Braids, fluorocarbons, mono and clips
· Line loading
· Unique fluorocarbon and mono knots for braid
· Lures fishing and rigging
· Lure choice and type (recommendations)
· Surface lure fishing
· Sub surface lure fishing
· Surface baits and jerk baits
· Softbaits
· Metal baits

Break for Lunch at The Yard Restaurant

Session Two on the water – 3 to 4 hours afternoon and evening

On the water tactics and techniques

· Safety and a quick location audit for your safety and fish handling
· How best to stay comfortable and safe when fishing
· Learning 'Location development' over a tide
· Watercraft and ‘running down the fish
· Correct presentations
· Lure choice and selection for any given time and location type
· Catch and Return – its much more than returning fish (discussions)
· An emphasis on returning fish even before and after the designated 'closed season' as conditions dictated
· An emphasis on NOT killing mature fish but returning them
· Fish handling regarding leaving the fish in the water when releasing, playing and then landing the fish - what to do over sand, rocks and other difficult areas, de-hooking, handling, photographing returning and recovery OR proper dispatching of fish and reviewing the legislation

· Reviewing the different types of rods and their applicability to different types of lure fishing
· The lure profile, colour, its action and its role in fishing when conditions are tough
· Fishing and you—common errors to avoid and positive aspects to enhance
· Advanced fishing tactics and strategies
· Confidence when handling and returning fish and making super photographs
· Learning to apply your skills to a range of different saltwater fish.

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